Small Business Story: Nashville photography and web design for events and tourism

McCadams Creative is a Nashville photography and web design company for the event, meeting and tourism industry. The new small business specializes in both on-location event photography of conventions, meetings, and festivals and creating websites and landing pages that event planners and organizers can use as marketing pieces, as a way for attendees to register, purchase tickets, obtain location/hotel information or as a hub for planners to advertise sponsors, guest speakers or performers.

This company is the perfect mashup of founder, Amanda McCadams’ unique skill set.  Her education and work experience are the collateral she uses every day to make her small business grow and get better.  Every photograph she shoots, every new line of code she writes and every phone call or email she makes is because she has the passion and experience to make her dream a success.

How McCadams Creative came to be

First and foremost, Amanda has a profound love of photography.  Her undergraduate and graduate degrees are in photography.  She spent many years as a photography professor before incorporating web design into the mix. She is honed in both technically and artistically to photography.  Exploring the latest camera and lens advances is as much fun to her as creating personal work that will go on exhibit in an art gallery.

Her love of web design grew several years back when incorporating multimedia into websites became more and more mainstream. She felt herself drawn to explore the vast capabilities of designing and creating things for users on the internet. In 2013, headfirst, she dove into a 6-month, full-time developers bootcamp at Nashville Software School in order to learn how to code.

After code school bootcamp, in order to get more experience and training,  she sought out jobs in the travel and event/meeting industry (see her LinkedIn profile for those deets).  Luckily she found those perfect matches and was able to learn an enormous amount before starting her own business. She has always been a traveller and someone who likes to learn, explore and get involved.  Her skills and experience as both a photographer and developer mesh perfectly with what she does now in the event, tourism and meeting industry.

McCadams Creative & ProFinder

As a small business owner, Amanda wants to leverage ProFinder to connect with more convention and event planners and with the marketing professionals who work on tourism boards. She is excited to discuss and brainstorm how her expertise in photography and/or web design could be leveraged to enhance their next meeting, event or marketing campaign. She makes great event websites and creates beautiful images of cities, locations, activities, events, attendees, keynote speakers, executive board members, banquet dinners, you name it.  When she connects that with people that can benefit from her expertise, everyone wins. She is someone who loves to make the job of an event planner or campaign marketer easy by producing beautiful work that will help them reach their audience and sell their product.

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